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Services Offered

Your first choice for mobile PPE inspections and repairs

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Outer Shell Inspection

Outer shell inspections identify repairs needed to the outer shell, such as holes up to 25 sq in, velcro replacement, hardware malfunctions, and reflective trim. Once inspection is complete, a list of needed repairs and quote will be provided for approval. We will recommend garments be condemned based on findings or by using repair vs. replacement chart referenced in NFPA 1851 Annex A.

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Thermal Liner Light Barrier Test and Inspection

The thermal liner light barrier test and inspection identifies burns and heat damage to the face cloth and loss of continuity of the liner batting. Repairs are made in accordance to NFPA 1851 using the same material as the original material and 100% Nomex filament thread.

Moisture Barrier Hydrostatic Test and Inspection

The moisture barrier hydrostatic test is completed on the inside of the moisture barrier. We test six spots of your moisture barrier, three seams and three general areas. Repairs to pinholes can be made at the authorization of the department being served using manufacture approved seam seal tape. All repairs are then retested to ensure repairs were succesful.


Basic Repairs

Basic repairs consist of replacement of velcro, patching of holes up to 25 sq in, replacement of malfunctioning hardware, replacement of damaged reflective trim, and restitching of seams. Other repairs can include zipper replacement with authorization of department being served.

NFPA 1851 Repair vs Replace Cost Matrix

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