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About Us

Your first choice for mobile PPE inspections and repairs


Ritch has almost 30 years of fire service experience. He served 23 years with the Cary Fire Department rising to the rank of Captain. He now serves the Wake Forest Fire Department as a Captain on Engine Co. 2. While in Cary, Ritch managed the PPE project with the responsibility for inspections and repairs of PPE for 250 employees and over 500 sets of PPE. Ritch is certified in NFPA 1851 Basic Repairs and Advanced Inspections. He has presented at both the F.I.E.R.O. PPE symposium and the South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo on PPE inspection and repairs. Ritch also has a large knowledge base in PPE specifications and performing wear trials.


Tiffany is a US Army Veteran, has over 10 years in Emergency Medicine experience, and is currently on her fifth year as a Law Enforcement Officer. Tiffany is the backbone of First Due handling all marketing, scheduling and social media. 

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